Our Services

Our Services
Bareskin Beauty is your natural destination for Skin Food skincare, made by hand with love using 100% plant based ingredients so naturally pure, they are edible. Each ingredient is bursting with beneficial nutrients to transform the health of your skin and slow down the ageing process. Free from cruelty, allergens and chemicals.
Skin Consultations are there to support both adults and children and are used to identify the underlying causesto understand what within the body is causing individual skin problems. We empower the recipient to use nutrition and lifestyle changes to heal the skin from the inside out and the outside in.
Our tranquil riverside retreat offers exquisite treatments for the skin, while it soothes the mind and body. Your skin will be infused with delicious, edible ingredients, lovingly crafted for their therapeutic energy and their outstanding results.



Do you suffer with Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne Rosacea, Dermatitis, Scarring, Sun-Damage or Pigmentation and want to pursue effective natural solutions to restore your complexion to be happy and regain your confidence?

Would you like to learn bespoke, cutting edge nutritional and lifestyle choices that will support the health of your skin for your lifetime?

Join Juliette for a skin consultation like no other.

Working together we’ll delve into your unique physiology from a holistic perspective and uncover the root causes of your skin’s imbalances. The skin is the “third kidney” and will reflect the health of the underlying body. It can be “read” to understand the imbalances beneath which can be addressed with Skin Food.

Restoring health and vitality to your skin is Bareskin Beauty’s mission.

How will we work together and what can you expect?

Using a combination of ancient and modern modalities to establish which organs, glands or systems are experiencing weakness and require support to function optimally. By “reading” the skin, hair, nails,eyes and tongue,Juliette will be able to identify underlying nutritional deficiencies and make recommendations that are bespoke to you. Your skin in particular is like a mirror highlighting what is going on deep within the tissues and cells. All advice is predicated on the most effective ways to cleanse your body’s affected systems and organs to encourage regeneration at a cellular level.

Why should you work with Bareskin Beauty?

The consultation is not offered to merely treat symptoms. Bareskin Beauty Skin Consultations are a unique way to identify the root cause of your symptoms and successfully treat them if you follow the bespoke protocols. This will lead to your skin completely healing from the inside out and overall health being restored to your body.

How long will the consultation take?

All that is need from you is up to two hours of your time in person or over the phone. We are sure you will agree that this is time well spent.

What will you get?

A personalised written report and protocol outlining the key issues identified and how to practically solve them, via nutrition and lifestyle changes formulated to substantially enhance your skin’s health.

How much does it cost?

Your investment for the consultation is £250.

Please note that your bespoke herbal protocol will be an additional cost of £40 per product, both of which are formulated to your unique constitution and to address the cause of your imbalances. The herbs, taken daily as recommended will last 2 months.

We will also craft you a bespoke skin product tailored to your exact needs - at an additional cost of £49.

To book your skin consultation, kindly email info@bareskin-beauty.co.uk