We passionately believe that your body is worthy of the same skin food skincare as your face.

That’s why in our body products you will find the same exquisite 100% botanical ingredients with no fillers and no water. Formulations that feel good and do good.

Whether it is to scrub and polish or to moisturise, our handcrafted products are formulated to nourish and regenerate you from top to toe, enveloping you in beautiful aromas.

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Detox & Repair Tooth Clay

LIVE      LIFE      WELLWhitens-Repairs-Reminalises-Rejuvenates  Naturally nourish and f..


Soothing Body Butter

Soothing Body Butter (200ml)Tantalise your senses and skin with the delicious goodness of raw ch..


Spicy Spa Body Scrub

Spicy Spa Body Scrub (200ml)Stimulate your skin and senses using this ancient blend of healing a..


Deodorant Cream

Deodorant Cream LIVE      LIFE     WELL Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, o..


Lymph, Kidney & Liver Detox

Lymph, Kidney and Liver Detox and Cleanse Nutrition & Wellness Lymph, Kidney and Liver Detox..


Beauty Sleep Bath Soak

Beauty Sleep Bath Soak (512g)There's nothing like relaxing in a hot bath especially when it beco..


Blissful Sleep Serum

GO FROM SLEEP POOR TO SLEEP RICHFormulated to calm and soothe both the sympathetic and parasympa..