Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (500g)

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (500g)

Outer beauty comes from inner health.  Juliette recommends a daily intake of Pink Crystal Salt, used to replace table salt in food and drink.  Pink Crystal Salt can be taken as a natural energy drink supplement to rehydrate and remineralise the body, nourishing the skin from the inside out. Salt is essential to life, as all living cells need salt in order to absorb water   Our Pink Crystal Salt is harvested from pristine sea beds that are more than 250 million year old, mined by hand in the Himalayan foothills and left in the sun to dry.  Crystalline salt structures contain all 84 trace minerals needed for optimal health and radiant skin.


Use in place of table salt. Natural taste and colour will add a depth of flavour to your food


Add ¼ teaspoon of Pink Crystal Salt and the juice of ½ a lemon to 750ml of pure water. Drink for instant energy, vitality and mental clarity. 


Add 200g to a warm bath and relax for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow your skin to absorb the healing minerals into the bloodstream. 

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