At bareskin beauty we put people and the planet before profits. We believe you can have high impact beauty without having a high impact on the environment.

We are a small passionate team working together to make beautifying, sustainable and effective skincare to feed your skin enhancing it's health and radiance. We only use the highest grade natural and organic ingredients, selected for their unique nutritional profile and therapeutic properties.

Our formulations are 100% natural and edible. We do not use chemicals, synthetic colours, or fragrances. Ever!

All products are hand-made in micro batches for freshness and increased efficiency.

We believe in buying locally whenever we can to support small scale organic producers. 

Our packaging is made from recycled glass and we encourage clients to reuse or recycle their empty product packaging. Products are sold with maximum information and minimal packaging to reduce waste at the consumer end and to ensure that the information you need to effectively use the product is not discarded as outer packaging.

We choose not to label Bareskin Beauty as organic even though what we manufacture is 80-100% organic depending on the product.  This choice was made as there are no guidelines for organic personal care unlike food, so the existing guidelines do not fit our hand crafted products. 

We believe that transparency creates trust and strengthens our relationship with our clients. We put you at the centre of all we do.