Bamboo Cleansing Pad

Bamboo Cleansing Pad

Handspun Bamboo Cleansing Pad (Sold individually or as a set of 5)

Our 100% pure Bamboo Cleansing Pad is made to our own design and is gentle on the skin, sustainable and kind to the planet. The silky fibres are luxuriously soft, uniquely absorbent and work in harmony with your skin's own biochemistry and helping to soothe and purify. 

As well as being naturally anti-bacterial it's suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin.

Much softer and thicker than traditional muslin or cotton face cloths, our Bareskin Beauty Bamboo Cleansing Pad retains heat for longer which is ideal for steaming the skin, while deeply cleansing and refining pores, without causing irritation. 


Benefits of Bamboo:

Wicking: Pulls moisture away from the skin to keep you dry. 

Breathable: Fabric helps to regulate body temperature. 

Naturally anti-bacterial: Stay fresh longer-  ideal for sensitive skin types. 

Hardworking and durable: No sheen and fade resistant rich colours.

Sustainable: Uniquely fast-growing and environmentally low-impact.


Directions for use: 

After massaging the Bareskin Beauty Cleansing Pad under hot or cold water and wring excess water. Gently sweep away the cleanser to reveal a smooth, radiant skin. 

Always rinse your Bamboo Cleansing Pad after use, and cool wash once a week with a mild soap/detergent. Wash at 30 degrees or below to maintain softness. Handmade in England.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Bamboo.


Individual price £4

Set of 5 Price    £15





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