About Us

Feed your skin from the outside in.

Bareskin Beauty was born out of Juliette’s passion for nutrition and her drive to empower you to love the skin you’re in. Understanding that we absorb into our bodies what we apply to our skin, Juliette set out to create a skincare range that contributes to the user’s health and wellbeing.

The philosophy of feeding the skin this new Skin Food is at the core of bareskin beauty: it is 100% plant based skincare so naturally pure it’s edible! It’s bursting with beneficial nutrients to transform the health of your skin and slow down the ageing process.

Bareskin Beauty’s delectable Skin Food range uses only the finest plant, seed, flower and fruit ingredients purposefully chosen for their micro and macro-nutrient contents to nourish and regenerate the skin from the outside in.

Every product is made by hand in micro-batches for superior freshness and efficacy using low temperature steam manufacturing to preserve the inherent micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants).

Choosing your skincare from bareskin beauty allows you to be in control over what is absorbed into your body using our truly innovative formulations with delicious aromas, luxurious textures, all of which will deliver you exceptional beautifying and youthful results. By substituting your commercial products to Skin Food, you will reduce your chemical intake, thus will lower your body’s level of toxins, visibly improving the vitality of your skin and the wellbeing of your body as a whole.

We care deeply about the planet and do our bit to keep landfills and the oceans free from plastics by only using glass packaging where ever possible (which can be recycled and reused) and purposefully not using any outer packaging for our products. Our manufacturing process uses minimal energy, generates no waste and we recycle everything.

Our pledge will always be: absolutely no hidden chemicals, fragrances, parabens and other synthetic nasties that play havoc with your skin’s chemistry and your wellbeing. None of our ingredients have ever, or will ever be tested on animals.