BSB Bespoke

BSB Bespoke

Hippocrates, who was generally regarded as the father of medicine said ‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." Many herbs have major health benefits that can prevent and cure disease.

Book an appointment on our treatment page for a nutrition and wellbeing consultation if you have any health issues or concerns. Let Juliette help you reclaim your health and vitality by preparing bespoke herbal formula’s, which are designed to heal the root causes of your body’s imbalances.

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Bespoke Herbs

Bespoke Herbal FormulaPlease be advised that these products are specifically for consultation cl..


Bespoke Order

Please be advised that these products are specifically for consultation clients. ..


Lactation Support Serum

Like many, our founder Juliette Scarfe experienced the worry and frustration of nursing a hungry bab..


Lung & Respiratory Balm

Lung & Respiratory Balm 50mlThis balm was originally formulated to repair and nourish the lungs ..


Transdermal Bio-identical Hormone Serum

Transdermal Bio Identical Hormone Serum 50mlOur proprietary bio-identical herbal blend conta..